"New Perspectives on Creating an Effective FLP Biz" Recording


Recording: "New Perspectives on Creating an Effective Financial Life Planning
                    Business" Webinar

Presenter: Lawrence Chambers

Recording Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012


In this webinar, M.Q. Emeritus and Life & Business Coach, Lawrence Chambers, will introduce new perspectives which will support you in creating a more effective Financial Life Planning business. These key perspectives are based on Lawrence’s personal experience as a Financial Life Planner while he created his own Financial Life Planning® practice, using the M.Q. approach.
Perspective or mindset is likely the single most important success factor in any endeavor. This is because your perspectives will reveal what possibilities exist and will either limit or expand the opportunities that you see. This is particularly true when creating an effective Financial Life Planning business.

In this session, you can expect to gain new perspectives that will support you in creating the Financial Life Planning business you really want. Present-based perspective forms the basis for our behaviors and decisions, and at any moment in time we have the opportunity to shift our perspective. By shifting perspective even slightly you will see a whole new set of possibilities, opportunities, and options for action steps to reach your desired outcome. 

As a participant, you will be introduced to:

- 3 Key Global Concepts to guide your business development

- 3 Key Focus Areas for creating an effective Financial Life Planning business

- 12 Shifts in Perspectives that will support you in moving past obstacles and
   increase your effectiveness as a Financial Life Planner


Over a 25-year career, Lawrence created, sold, and transitioned out of a successful Financial Life Planning business. During that time, Lawrence created a significant amount of personal and business freedom for himself. This required consciously and continually shifting and creating new perspectives.

The result was a "predictable, profitable, fully documented, fully transferable Financial Life Planning business" which generated a significant amount of freedom in Lawrence’s life and in the lives of his staff and clients.

Prior to selling his FLP business and transitioning to his current career as a Life & Business Coach, Lawrence was a long-time Money Quotient Licensee and active member of the M.Q. Community. He has previously served in the role of Veteran Licensee at an M.Q. "Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" training session, and will be a featured presenter at the 2012 "M.Q. Retreat." 

Learn more about Lawrence's coaching program via his website: www.starliving.ca.


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- PDF of "Effective FLP Business Defined" handout

- PDF of "Shifts in Perspectives" handout

- PDF of "To Do List for an Effective FLP Business" handout

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