"Social Security 202: Advanced Topics" Recording


Recording: "Social Security 202: Advanced Topics" Webinar

Presenter: Andy Landis

Recording Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This webinar deepens your professional knowledge of U.S. Social Security and explores advanced topics. Andy Landis, one of the nation's leading educators on Social Security, takes you beyond the basics to work effectively with clients in special circumstances. Learn how to advise self-employed and disabled clients, how to maximize lifetime payout for single or married clients, and receive tips and materials to increase client service and build your practice as a Social Security expert.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

- Recite two vital provisions for self-employed clients to understand.

- Know when to refer a disabled client to apply for Social Security.

- Understand 3 techniques to maximize Social Security, including how to do
  comparative computations for break-even points.

- Provide clients with user-friendly materials.


"Social Security: Mastering the Client Mysteries"

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(Note: Participants in the live session of "Social Security: Mastering the Client Mysteries" may access the recording for review free of charge. Please contact M.Q. for details).


Andy Landis is one of the nation's leading educators on Social Security and life planning for retirement. As a speaker, author, and consultant, Andy's mission is to deliver clear, accurate information with generous helpings of fun and humor.
Andy has traveled throughout the United States and Canada speaking to professional societies, corporate groups, and individuals, receiving rave reviews. Organizations that have invited Andy to present include the Financial Planning Association, the American Institute of CPAs, and Fortune 500 firms.
Andy is the author of multiple books, including the award-winning, Social Security, The Inside Story, 2011 Edition, hailed as the best book on the topic. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, and he was profiled in Financial Planning magazine. Andy has appeared on television, radio, training videos and audio tapes, national videoconferences, and live webcasts.


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